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Infrastructure & Franchies

Over the period of years, RGJIPL has built the finest infrastructure for manufacturing, marketing and distribution of excellent jewellery. In the coming year 2011-12, RGJIPL coming up with one of the biggest organized gold and silver jewellery manufacturing and refining industry at Plot no. 122, Sompura Industrial Area, Near Dobaspet, Nelamangala Taluk, The industrial land is being allotted by government of karnataka, at its KIADB industrial area vide Possession Certificate no. :IADB/DO-3/18529/1358/2009-10 DATED 20.11.09. The total Land Area is around 87000 sq feet with an upcoming construction of ground and first floor.


RGJIPL has established a relationship with the reliable manufacturers & suppliers from many cities in India. RGJIPL supplies the raw bullion gold to the manufacturers and suppliers for manufacturing the ornaments on contract basis. The company is providing the designs to the manufacturers and suppliers.

Retail & Marketing

RGJIPL has setup three retail jewellery stores so far in Bangalore India at prominent locations. The stores have been setup under the brand name of RISHABH'S. RGJIPL has created exclusive set of designs to be sold at these showrooms. RGJIPL is also in the process of setting up MORE retail jewellery stores across KARNATAKA IN THE BRAND NAME OF RISHABH'S. For domestic marketing RGJIPL has developed, its specialized SALES EXECUTIVES team which caters to the needs of the clients.


Since inception, RGJIPL has always endeavored to develop the finest possible technology in the production of jewellery. At its RETAIL OUTLETS RGJIPL utilizes some of the best technology available in the world FOR TESTING OF GOLD.

RGJIPL extensively utilizes latest technology at various production stages like:

Alloying - RGJIPL utilizes the latest alloying technology in manufacturing of various gold ornaments. Specific alloys are added to fine gold and melted under controlled atmosphere by induction technology to produce gold bars of required purity and size.

Melting - Gold alloy and other precious metals are melted using induction technology. Wire Drawing - Specialized wire drawing machines and diamond dyes are used for wire drawing and for production of various other raw materials.


RGJIPL manufactures a wide range of jewellery. The DEDICATED division tracks the changes in the jewellery markets, the changes are analyzed and based on the analysis designers create designs. The designs on the drawing board are prototyped by senior artisans. The products so created are displayed to the selection committee, which decides on the inclusion of the products in the design portfolio. The existing design portfolio is also constantly monitored to eliminate out of trend designs. RGJIPL currently has a design portfolio of THOUSANDS OF active designs.

The products are divided into various categories and items. The dedicated division has conducted extensive survey in colour, finish, shine, size and durability of the products, which has resulted in each of the products of RGJIPL being exclusive and unique. Each piece of jewellery undergoes a strict quality checking process and only after the certification by the quality control department (BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS) the product is released for sale. RGJIPL absolutely guarantees the gold purity in each of its products.

The inventory division maintains inventory of the products based on the quantity suggested by the product division for each of the designs. Most of the products are available off the shelf. RGJIPL is capable of quickly responding to orders from its buyers.

Refining & Alloying

RGJIPL is the most integrated entity in the field of jewellery. RGJIPL procures raw gold from various sources. The raw gold is refined and converted into fine gold, which is further alloyed to achieve the required purity of gold ingots. These ingots are processed into various raw materials, which are utilized for manufacture of various products. Specific alloys are added to fine gold and melted under controlled atmosphere by induction technology to produce gold bars of required purity and size.


The manufacturers AND ARTISIANS are capable of producing hand-made jewellery, casting jewellery, machine chains, stamped jewellery, studded jewellery & tube jewellery. RGJIPL has developed systems and procedures for each of these types of jewellery. The manufacturers utilizes a combination of handwork, machine-work and advanced technology to produce the finest jewellery.

RGJIPL manufactures the largest and the most varied range of jewellery designs to cater to the domestic markets. Housing accommodation and various other facilities like medical, entertainment etc. are provided to the artisans, sales executives and their families. Each piece of jewellery produced is subjected to strict quality control measures to ensure consistency.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

RGJIPL firmly believes that any amount of economic progress is meaningless and incomplete without balanced social development. Economic prosperity is a goal for a small percentage of people, but balanced social development is an absolute necessity for the entire humanity. RGJIPL is always willing and ready to contribute its might, in whatever possible manner towards social development.

Some of the officials of RGJIPL were enthusiastic but non qualified people at the time of their recruitment into RGJIPL. With proper training and hand holding, RGJIPL has been able to develop these people as an asset for the company and torch bearers of the jewellery industry. RGJIPL firmly believes in cultivating people who want to work but are not fortunate enough to acquire the right qualification for various reasons.

RGJIPL also involves itself in many social, educational and community causes on a regular basis. RGJIPL believes in conducting these activities discreetly.

Franchise Development Program

Rishabh Gold Jewels (India) Private Limited, the Company is looking forward to expand through franchising which would enable them to grow without directly investing capital and human resource. Franchising brings entrepreneurial efficiencies to business where individual investors join proven business to get attractive return on investment and successful business bank on their IP and capacity building strengths.

Benefits of Franchisee
- Motivated and Committed Owner Operators
- Purchasing Power
- Tied Distribution Base
- Strong Image and Marketing Presence
- Group Knowledge Base and New Ideas
- Less Daily Operational Involvement
What does a franchisee expects
- Expect a Return on Investment and Labour
- Prepared to work hard
- Their advisers are savvy
- Compare established with new systems
- Join a franchise to succeed
- Want standards maintained / increased.
Want to see network growth
- Moving to multiple outlet ownership Duties of Franchisor
- Grow the Network
- Specify Store Design, Signage and Stock Range
- Induction Training
- Operating Systems - Management - Training - Marketing - Meetings
- perations and Procedures Manuals
- IT
- Franchisee Compliance
- Brand building Standardized Research Based Franchise Development Structure
Standardized Research Based Franchise Development Structure

Contact Details
No. 6/4, Pillappa Lane, Nagarthpet Cross, Bengaluru - 560002, Karnataka, India
Mr. Ajay Kumar Jain (Director)

Mobile : +919886513581
Mr. Arun Kumar Jain (Director)

Phone : +917053128514
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